Lego Mindstorm Enjoyable And Easy Robot Building

Robot enthusiasts, come aboard. Lego has developed the next generation Lego Mindstorm. The genuine easy method of forming programs and manipulating your personal robotic Lego development. Don’t be frightened. You need not be a real blue robotics professional to take pleasure in the Lego Mindstorm. Beginners and adults, experts and kids alike would absolutely take […]

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Gift Card Giveaway

This is our first giveaway we are doing to launch our brand new online store and blog everything related to robots. This giveaway is 100% free to enter and no purchase necessary. There will be new entry options added every week until the giveaway ends to increase your chances of winning the gift. If you […]

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Elegoo Smart Robot Car Kit Review

Most kids, and adults, learn best with hands-on experiences. One easy and effective way to get your kids to love robots or be more interested in technology and engineering is with robot kits. These robot kits are a great way to learn as well as an opportunity for you and your child to bond. Today […]

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